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anti-slip interlocking rubber kitchen mat

Time:2013-12-07 Editor:rubber-mat.net


      Do you feel risky when you are cooking in the wet and greasy kitchen? Are you afraid of slipping to the floor and getting hurt? Our anti-slip interlocking rubber kitchen mats are recommended to you. It is 914*914*12mm (3’*3’*1/2’’), about 6kgs per pieces with inner connectors to combine each other. The mats have many good features. The first one is anti-skidding, they have many holes and can pass through water and oil easily to keep floor dry and clean. Then it is anti-fatigue, so it is very suitable for commercial kitchens. The cooks stand very long when working, the mats can supply them a soft and elastic cushion for them to release fatigue feeling on feet and back. People’s working efficiency would improve by 30%. The most import advantage is oil and grease resistance. Wen there is much oil in the kitchen, it does not effect our mats’ function. Then comes to the installation and maintenance of the mats, you can loose pave on the floor and can easily be rolled up for clean-up. When there is no oil just clear water can clean it. When there is much oil, just a little mild detergent and warm water with brush. The common colors are red, green and black. Do not worry about dirting your floor. Our mats would not fade.
This rubber mat  is an excellent choice for wet areas or in applications where wood shavings or other debris exist.
This rubber mat is anti-fatigue,is well used in the kitchen of hotel, home, pass-way, workshop, and other public places. We are exporting it to USA, Australia, UK, Brazil and other countries now.


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