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Interlocking rubber paver

Time:2013-12-04 Editor:rubber-mat.net


Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to kids safety and want to supply them the best environment to grow. When they are very young, they love playing with their little friends and can not avoid skidding. So it is very important to pave a soft and comfortable floor around the swing and slides. According to this need, our company-Qingdao Guangneng Protection Products Co., Ltd develop a style of elastic rubber kindergarten floor mat. They are made of recycled rubber tire crumb. This interlocking rubber playground pavers’ surface exhibits excellent resistance to weathering and aging, and also has different thicknesses to help ensure the safety of children from different fall heights. The common sizes are 500*500*20/25/30/40mm, it is very easy to install them, just use the pins and little glue to fix them on the ground. And we have many colors such as red, green, blue, yellow and gray for you to choose. The following are the field of application of this rubber paver.rubber tiles.
office, conference hall, exhibition hall, training center, shopping mall, exclusive agency, colleges, kindergarten, martial arts room, entertainment places, arena, fitness center, gymnasium, Judo and wrestling room, hotel corridor, amusement park, elderly activity center,  gym, swimming pool, staircase, stadium stand, locker room, wharf, scaffold footpath,basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, football courts and athletic tracks.


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